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Introducing the Teeter Totter Mouse Trap.
Simply, A Better Trap.

  • Teeter Totter Trap resets itself
  • No broken or injured fingers from trying to set it
  • No dead mouse to touch
  • No bloody mess to clean up
  • Can be used as a non-kill trap to catch and release
  • No need for poisonous chemicals. Green Product!

Why is the Teeter Totter Mouse Trap So Revolutionary?

For centuries, mankind has been trying to build a better mouse trap. We want a trap we don’t have to reset. A trap where we don’t have to touch a dead carcass. A trap that doesn’t make a mess. Some of us want a trap that is humane, offering the ability to catch and release.

Mice are no doubt unsettling to any property owner. Not only do they get into all of your food and destroy your belongings, but they carry disease as well! That makes getting rid of them quickly extremely important. With a humane mouse trap, you can remove these pests with little effort and get back your peace of mind.

Remove unwanted mice the humane way! Our trap is a great alternative to snap traps or pesticides, allowing you to capture mice without killing them.

The video above was the test run on our final prototype. We placed our trap in a chicken house in Southwest Missouri over the weekend. It was January and the temperature was 6 degrees above zero. From early evening Friday to Sunday night we caught 394 mice!


+ $3.55 shipping & handling.


Review by Shawn Woods from Mousetrap Monday.


We welcome farmers, grain storage and processing companies, seed companies, pest control, feed stores and other volume purchasers, to contact us and give the teeter totter trap a try.   We are ready to partner with you to manage your rodent problem in the most efficient and humane way.

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Get rid of mice the humane way with Teeter Totter Trap