The DefendHer-Kat™ is specifically designed with protection in mind. Made of super tough, durable, dependable Lexan so it won’t break if you use it. 


Who needs The DefendHer-Kat™? 

  • Nurses getting off from work. 
  • Real Estate Agents showing properties.  
  • College students walking to class.  

Everyone you know needs The DefendHer-Kat™! 


The DefendHer-Kat™ is a great gift idea for anyone! 

This is a great multifunctional keychain.  Color and size stand out to help you find your keys.

Comes in 10 colors as seen in order from left to right, top to bottom:  

Red, White, Blue, Purple, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Black, Green and Clear 


Size measures 3 ¼ inches high, 2 3/16 inches across, and 1/8 inch thick 

Price: $5.00 + $1.00 S&H = $6.00